About House of Blues

“You can’t exploit culture. You have to earn the right to represent it each and everyday.” – Isaac Tigrett

Tigrett defined HOB’s mission as being to “‘create a profitable, principled, global entertainment company that promotes ‘racial and spiritual harmony through love, peace, truth, righteousness and non-violence’”. If it was ‘Love All, Serve All’ at HRC, it was ‘Help Ever, Hurt Never’ that was displayed at HOB. Tigrett believed that music was inherently spiritual.

HOB encouraged racial and spiritual harmony. The House of Blues units also displayed art from folk artisans who were not recognised in the mainstream. The International House of Blues Foundation (IHOBF) reached out to youth who lived in ghettos. HOB offered scholarships for college students in the arts, conducted blues related workshops for kids, and supported a training centre for teachers interested in the blues.

The foundation brought school children to the HOB and made them experience the history of blues and the folk arts, which were lining the walls of HOB. In addition to promoting entrepreneurship among youth, the IHOBF also helped public-school systems develop curricula that promoted multi-cultural awareness.

~ The Enterprising Life of Isaac Tigrett

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